Global Health Integrative System


Education and Training for the Mind, Body and Spirit


   Live powerfully in the Now and Present. Achieve goals and results, empower the self; build self esteem, self confidence and access the wisdom within.

“Knowledge becomes power only when, and if, it is organized into definite plans of action and directed to a definite end.” Napolean Hill

“Healing goes far beyond the confines of the physical body.  It occurs when we tap into our inner resources rather than look for external intervention.  It is the inner connection with that part of us that is already healed; a retraining of our minds to accept the flow and ever-changing conditions of life.  A mind filled with confusion and despair only adds to the pain of an illness.  To be "healed" means to restore oneself to a place in which the mind is at peace.” Healers on Healing




Global Health Integrative Systems (GHIS) provides workshops, training and education sessions to individuals and communities across the globe. The aim is to empower individuals, enhance health, and create awareness and possibilities for a healthier global community.


GHIS works in partnership with numerous expert educators and trainers to deliver the best style, technique and latest cutting edge knowledge to you.


GHIS teaching methodology aims to assist participant focus on the 'now' and 'present'. The objectives of GHIS workshops are to transform self with a vision of the future by:

  • Creating awareness
  • Creating possibilities for self
  • Creating potentials to achieve the goals
  • Creating awareness of thought process and impact on outcomes
  • Maintain integrity and authenticity in the process of transformation

GHIS techniques assist participants to: comprehend the thought process; the outcomes from the past, to present , to the future.

  • Understand the past, present, now are moments in time and are happening simultaneously

  • Separate past events and experiences from stepping into the present
  • Achieve goals and results based on living in the present and now




Devan Nambiar Director, Global  Health Integrative Systems



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