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   Live powerfully in the Now and Present.   Achieve goals and results, empower the self; build self esteem, self confidence and access the wisdom within.

“Knowledge becomes power only when, and if, it is organized into definite plans of action and directed to a definite end.” Napolean Hill

“Healing goes far beyond the confines of the physical body.  It occurs when we tap into our inner resources rather than look for external intervention.  It is the inner connection with that part of us that is already healed; a retraining of our minds to accept the flow and ever-changing conditions of life.  A mind filled with confusion and despair only adds to the pain of an illness.  To be "healed" means to restore oneself to a place in which the mind is at peace.” Healers on Healing



Devan Nambiar


Devan Nambiar is a South Asian gay man who has worked in the HIV/AIDS sector for over 16 years, working regionally and internationally.  Devan specializes in allopathic and complementary and alternative health care use.

His interest in complementary medicine in ethno botanicals and indigenous medicines, took him to meet with many Ayurvedic and Siddha medicine practitioners in India.  Over the past 16 years he has studied and researched both traditional medicines and ethno-botanicals medicines of the India and other cultures in their philosophy, efficacy and use in immune-compromised persons.  He has been practicing Hatha Yoga for over 25 years.

Devan  has been teaching a self development course, Attaining Nirvana Series. Attaining Nirvana Series is a 9 weeks self assessment program, exploring personal belief systems, life experiences and replacing core beliefs by a systemic process of visualization, meditation , group work, home assignments, and creating future goals in the Now and Present.

 He has worked in an advisory capacity for the numerous AIDS Service Organizations on issues related to clinical research, ethics, complementary therapies, governance, board structure, etc. He has co-authored two national publications, Practical Guide to Complementary Medicine and Practical Guide to Herbal Therapies for people living with HIV/AIDS.  He has served on many boards and collaborative projects on research, GIPA, HIV/AIDS training and presentations.  

He worked on international drug access issues.  In 1998, while on a sabbatical from work, he established a five year on-going drug recycling program for marginalized HIV/AIDS patients at Tambaram Hospital in Chennai, India.  He also created a rehabilitation program for AIDS patients and undertook the hiring of dietician/nutritionist there.  

In 2002, Devan was presented with an honor roll award by the Ontario AIDS Network, http://www.ontarioaidsnetwork.on.ca/honour/hon02_nambiar.php

In 2006 he was the recipient of Canadian AIDS Society Leadership Award.  http://www.cdnaids.ca/web/casmisc.nsf/cl/cas-gen-0041!opendocument&language=english